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Stuff to listen to while staring at a box of donuts
justkidlain justkidlain
8   22min (8 tracks)
The title is pretty self-explanatory .
January 10, 2015 Stuff to listen to while staring at a box of donuts
Bathe in Light
jvalent jvalent
18   13min (8 tracks)
8 tracks by artists including Old Man Gloom, Pulp, and the Jesus and Mary Chain.
December 05, 2014 Bathe in Light
[P S Y C H E D E L I A ] Part II
potpourri potpourri
302   45min (18 tracks)
As I delve further and further into the abstract regions of time and space, my mind begins to hang on every second of sound.
January 26, 2011 [P S Y C H E D E L I A ] Part II
devincastro devincastro
88   11min (8 tracks)
There it is, Wendy! The second star to the right and straight on til morning.
October 22, 2010 neverland.
Shoegazey Noise Pop Soundscapes
xenochronic xenochronic
91   1hr 30min (21 tracks)
Twenty-one tracks of hand picked noisegaze gems including My Bloody Valentine, All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Loop, and more.
July 10, 2011 Shoegazey Noise Pop Soundscapes
Grammar Violation
jvalent jvalent
102   36min (8 tracks)
8 tracks including songs by Local Natives, Phoenix, and Elliott Smith.
February 23, 2013 Grammar Violation
The Loudness War
thecedarroom thecedarroom
A selection of loud alternative/rock tracks.
November 18, 2012 The Loudness War