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The Most Ruthless Crew
Ahkmenrah Ahkmenrah
-We go together or we don't go down at all- is this a Fake AH Crew mix? Is it an AHOT6 mix? Trick question, it's both.
August 07, 2014 The Most Ruthless Crew
shadows will scream that I'm alone
soulpxunk soulpxunk
Sixteen tracks including music by Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Arctic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots, and others.
July 21, 2014 shadows will scream that I'm alone
puppetzelda puppetzelda
'Shut up! Leave me alone! All of this has been messed up from the start.
October 09, 2013 B R E A K D O W N
Head Explodin Dupstep
Riddler Riddler
294   39min (13 tracks)
Second edition for dubstep that will make parts of your body explode or pop! Follow me to know when I upload more mixes.
May 30, 2011 Head Explodin Dupstep
Deliciosa rabia
dos.cuarentaycinco.1 dos.cuarentaycinco.1
4   25min (8 tracks)
Excuse me But I just have to Explode Explode this body Off me I'll be brand new Brand new tomorrow A little bit tired But brand new.
March 04, 2015 Deliciosa rabia
one night //
everybreakingwave everybreakingwave
134   (18 tracks)
had a little slow dance, little romance.
May 20, 2014 one night //
Working it Out (Like A Punk)
reckl3ssandthebrav3 reckl3ssandthebrav3
467   19min (24 tracks)
Here's a workout playlist for punks like me.
May 07, 2014 Working it Out (Like A Punk)
novelty novelty
Don't sweat it! Keep your hands steady, You were born on a dare! Baby, you were born ready! ((slight hinting at sdr2 spoilers if you listen reeeaally ...
November 15, 2013 CHERRY BOMB!!☆
here, queer, and ready to party
doveoftruth doveoftruth
120   (32 tracks)
songs for when you're here, you're queer and it's time to fucking party.
October 17, 2013 here, queer, and ready to party
Spooky Beats (A Halloween Party Mix)
deviouspenguin deviouspenguin
A Halloween mash up of songs new and old good for all sorts of dancing.
September 25, 2013 Spooky Beats (A Halloween Party Mix)
get happy and dance
alexis chervinko alexis chervinko
517   (36 tracks)
get up and dance.
January 12, 2014 get happy and dance
Prog & Power Metal Vol. XX
Biomechanicall Biomechanicall
A collection of some of all the great progressive and power metal albums that has been released through the years! Twenty tracks including music by Emp...
January 12, 2012 Prog & Power Metal Vol. XX