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Home, Let me come Home.
ShelteredBeats ShelteredBeats
101,574   (15 tracks)
A collection of 15 indie/folk based tracks bound in such scattered recurring themes as the yearning for home, desperate infatuation, general nostalgia,...
April 24, 2012 Home, Let me come Home.
The Independence Mix
ShelteredBeats ShelteredBeats
19,963   (11 tracks)
Setting Sail for Self Discovery tells the story of a life blinded by a sentiment, chilled by an air of solitude, driven by a dream, restrained—amidst a...
November 15, 2012 The Independence Mix
District 12 Inspired
ShelteredBeats ShelteredBeats
3,910   (17 tracks)
My own creative take on an otherwise outstanding compilation: 6 tracks from the impressive new soundtrack to The Hunger Games integrated among 11 other...
March 22, 2012 District 12 Inspired