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Irrelephant Tunes jnry25th
rhetttalbert rhetttalbert
130   1hr 21min (31 tracks)
Glorious Radio Show featuring artists like Cloud Nothings, Dr.
January 25, 2012 Irrelephant Tunes jnry25th
spring day trip
hardboiledbabe hardboiledbabe
1,100   1hr 5min (24 tracks)
a CD jill and i made for our day drives up to and from chicago, one of my favorite driving soundtracks as of late.
April 14, 2014 spring day trip
Shame #4
S H A M E    T H U G S S H A M E T H U G S
77   19min (10 tracks)
more psych gold.
February 09, 2012 Shame #4
Shame #6
S H A M E    T H U G S S H A M E T H U G S
114   17min (11 tracks)
a collection of some rather incredible music.
February 16, 2012 Shame #6
n9birds n9birds
44   (9 tracks)
Berceuses pour la lionne.
August 05, 2012 LÉO.