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mmm watcha say
dicngelo dicngelo
2,017   1hr 28min (26 tracks)
personal playlist with music that's terrible/music that's hella good for the solid purpose of inside jokes with friends, etc.
February 22, 2015 mmm watcha say
try to stay awake
dontpanicllama dontpanicllama
2   52min (23 tracks)
I promised a friend a playlist of pumped up songs, and so I'm going to follow through, no matter how shitty I feel.
February 23, 2015 try to stay awake
i'll be there for you
foolishgold foolishgold
484   38min (12 tracks)
dedicated to a very very very close friend (foodumblrgeek).
February 18, 2015 i'll be there for you