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staytrue11 staytrue11
4,958   1hr 18min (24 tracks)
25 tracks with sick beats & lyrics for your listening pleasure.
January 26, 2012 Dysfunctional
DJ Infiniti: The Best Songs You've Never Heard
DJ Infiniti DJ Infiniti
1,250   33min (8 tracks)
Nine tracks including music by 3LAU, Bingo Players, and Calvin Harris .
August 26, 2011 DJ Infiniti: The Best Songs You've Never Heard
Most Incredibly Dope
lpviii lpviii
673   33min (10 tracks)
Eleven most dope tracks to kick back and relax to as you enjoy life.
June 10, 2011 Most Incredibly Dope
First Class.
danielletodesco danielletodesco
6,319   5hr 28min (89 tracks)
75+ sick tracks you've probably never heard.
August 10, 2012 First Class.
Summertime beats
iiitsgracie iiitsgracie
156   51min (13 tracks)
Fifteen tracks including music by Huey Mack, Big Sean, and D.
July 31, 2011 Summertime beats
Hipsters Hip Hop
880   (23 tracks)
Chill Hip Hop for all! Enjoy!.
May 21, 2013 Hipsters Hip Hop
Secret Hip-Hop Jamz
jaredshary jaredshary
6,177   4hr 17min (72 tracks)
A couple hours of some great underground hip-hop.
February 09, 2014 Secret Hip-Hop Jamz
Rap and Electro
rubberyduck rubberyduck
356   1hr 8min (16 tracks)
Eighteen tracks including music by Benny Benassi, Calvin Crabtree ,Big Sean & DANNY T, and Deadmau5.
November 01, 2011 Rap and Electro
Good Times Hip-Hop
jaredshary jaredshary
9,584   3hr 37min (59 tracks)
Feel good hip-hop you won't be hearing on the radio.
March 04, 2013 Good Times Hip-Hop
Eat more Chicken!
Mekpo Mekpo
2,862   54min (15 tracks)
Cause cows won't stop mooing "We love burgers.
February 12, 2013 Eat more Chicken!
The Spittin Poets Society II
Atown19 Atown19
9,525   50min (12 tracks)
Better verses than the Bible, and written this century.
September 19, 2012 The Spittin Poets Society II
Hip Hop Workout
RockemBachimRobots RockemBachimRobots
964   1hr 10min (19 tracks)
My current work out mix .
December 18, 2012 Hip Hop Workout