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m e m e  gonzales m e m e gonzales
8tracks was lacking a completely and utterly serious ulfric mix so i delivered.
March 13, 2015 QUEEN B!TCH
Phonophylia Phonophylia
6,056   35min (39 tracks)
Slow Erotic Xtacy shit to sweep her off her feet.
January 14, 2011 S.E.X.
Sexy Jazz
Scoreback Scoreback
29,175   1hr 3min (15 tracks)
Grab a glass of whiskey and watch the rain pour down outside your window as it is approaching midnight.
November 14, 2011 Sexy Jazz
Music to Thursday to.
aphexmandelbrot aphexmandelbrot
216   33min (14 tracks)
This is Thursday music; specially designed for Thursdays.
April 21, 2011 Music to Thursday to.
Coffehouse Mixtape Vol I
kmg kmg
526   30min (29 tracks)
an old mixtape I made for a now-defunct coffeehouse.
February 26, 2012 Coffehouse Mixtape Vol I
Juicy Fruit
TanTylash TanTylash
Kind of freshy, groovy & happy Trip-hop thing with Chinese Man, Smooth, Metronomy and surprises.
August 18, 2011 Juicy Fruit
Midnight blue; nighthawks come out to play.
romfarer_alex romfarer_alex
819   1hr 5min (12 tracks)
12 jazz tracks for the midnight hour.
November 22, 2011 Midnight blue; nighthawks come out to play.
1000 Shades of Happiness
froggyskates froggyskates
113   (24 tracks)
From determined optimism to pure joy, happiness takes a musical form in twenty-five tracks including music by Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Mat...
May 26, 2010 1000 Shades of Happiness
GeeMonster GeeMonster
2,318   (13 tracks)
Songs for ze stoner.
July 24, 2012 Cannabliss
Noty Noty
1,217   2hr 9min (38 tracks)
This is a world wild mixtape from my favorites songs i've been listening the most during these last June and July months.
April 01, 2013 22(23).June/July
lace and perfume
mwitch mwitch
304   32min (11 tracks)
January 15, 2012 lace and perfume