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Usjobugibugi Usjobugibugi
307   18min (8 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole and Christina Aguilera.
April 13, 2011 Just Dance!!! :)
jenkss jenkss
25   26min (10 tracks)
Ten tracks including music by Chase Coy, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business and Math And Physics Club.
September 21, 2009 listen. repeat.
careycizek careycizek
428   36min (8 tracks)
For when you are sad and just need to let all the tears out.
December 10, 2011 Let it All Out.
sstephymariee sstephymariee
166   35min (9 tracks)
Ten tracks including music by A Fine Frenzy, Brendan James, and Christina Perri .
August 16, 2011 Hopeless Romantic
tylerbugg_ tylerbugg_
112   35min (11 tracks)
when things were easier.
July 13, 2011 ah, middle school days.
ophelia31 ophelia31
120   50min (15 tracks)
songs for an escape.
October 18, 2010 the road
Sara_Shine Sara_Shine
195   34min (11 tracks)
March 30, 2009 wonderfully bad 80's mix.
vironsusi vironsusi
505   23min (8 tracks)
Would it be corny to say that I've got your love to keep me warm? Too bad; I love corn.
November 28, 2011 Loving you in the Winter
ktenthart ktenthart
1,198   39min (11 tracks)
Thirteen tracks including music by Ben Folds ft.
August 09, 2011 Stuck in My Head
Eight Songs a Week Eight Songs a Week
842   1hr 20min (33 tracks)
34 tracks including music by All Girl Summer Fun Band, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Antsy Pants.
August 29, 2012 You Just need a Guitar and a story.. AKA the complete History of acoustic-lofi-folk from Daniel Johnston to Moldy Peaches through some lost unknown lofi star
ilinu ilinu
284   15min (10 tracks)
You're the only solider fighting in this way, and I'm the fool still cheering you on.
February 08, 2010 hold tight, and sleep tight
BinarySolo BinarySolo
51   32min (8 tracks)
It hurts, i know it does, but "It's time we grow old and do some sh*t" so, give it a cry and then give starting over a try.
June 04, 2009 cry it out, long for it, dry your tears, grow up & move along.