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time to destroy
annie fish annie fish
(the chantry) a rebel/hippie Anders fan mix battling with demons cover art: http://sandara.
March 04, 2015 time to destroy
Imaginary Creatures
thelookingglass thelookingglass
If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.
January 19, 2015 Imaginary Creatures
Best of Skins Music-Season 5
pstvnrgy pstvnrgy
Season 5 is hands-down my favorite season of the show, what with every single character and every single episode and every single actor just being fuck...
March 20, 2011 Best of Skins Music-Season 5
The Triskaidekaphobia Boogeyman Hour
kentgowran kentgowran
23   37min (13 tracks)
13 tracks for Sarah aka @roryborealis on Friday the 13th.
March 13, 2015 The Triskaidekaphobia Boogeyman Hour
timshelings timshelings
108   27min (14 tracks)
January 31, 2015 HIGHER THAN THE SUN
Luther Soundtrack
dauphinsaves dauphinsaves
1,720   (12 tracks)
Songs used in series one and two, fan-compiled.
March 26, 2012 Luther Soundtrack
I Could Be Your Father, Jotaro
brunobuccellati brunobuccellati
Kakyoin Noriaki really likes MILFs (im so sorry.
March 08, 2015 I Could Be Your Father, Jotaro
whisky and cigarettes II.
r-una r-una
267   (24 tracks)
these songs accompany you when you feel most strange and alone on this planet.
December 08, 2013 whisky and cigarettes II.
Rob Sheffield's Top 25 Singles of 2010
RollingStone RollingStone
580   47min (25 tracks)
Twenty-five tracks including music by Kanye West, Lady Gaga and LCD Soundsystem.
December 27, 2010 Rob Sheffield's Top 25 Singles of 2010
True Detective Soundtrack
nihilists nihilists
21,697   1hr 28min (42 tracks)
All of the music featured in the debut season of the HBO series True Detective.
February 10, 2014 True Detective Soundtrack