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Instrumental 01
navneethvk navneethvk
1,122   45min (9 tracks)
Some crazy groove instrumentals!.
October 30, 2012 Instrumental 01
Heavy Fuckin' Groove. Try not to break your neck.
cosmicapathy cosmicapathy
1,353   48min (17 tracks)
TIME TO HEADBANG TO THE THUNDER! Heavy fucking songs with heavy fucking groove, try not to snap yo shit up.
March 09, 2012 Heavy Fuckin' Groove. Try not to break your neck.
Groovy Baby!
chewy_2 chewy_2
244   1hr 17min (21 tracks)
July 16, 2013 Groovy Baby!
Kosmosisy Kosmosisy
324   1hr 6min (15 tracks)
Please turn "DOWN" the volume.
January 24, 2014 GiveMeLittleBrutalShit
At Last We Feel Alive
nshaw3 nshaw3
255   34min (11 tracks)
11 tracks of aggression and groove, featuring Structures, Animals As Leaders, and Born Of Osiris.
March 08, 2012 At Last We Feel Alive
Top Shelf
demon_thief demon_thief
329   41min (10 tracks)
Some of my all time favorite metal jams, featuring In Flames, At The Gates, Pantera, and more.
April 09, 2011 Top Shelf
shaunbyck shaunbyck
292   53min (15 tracks)
Heavy grooves to shake your mood.
December 06, 2012 Heeavy
drumtome drumtome
553   3hr 14min (45 tracks)
A Metal mix for all you folks out there that like to groove.
May 16, 2013 Groove/Djent
Kòkekuö Wa.
157   1hr 30min (20 tracks)
Ok the name is a word in a indigenous language I read something and It means (google) Is Corteza (spanish) Cortex (Of trees).
September 26, 2012 Kòkekuö Wa.
Get your Groove on
SoldatSan SoldatSan
101   22min (15 tracks)
Music guaranteed to get you on your feet.
April 05, 2012 Get your Groove on
War Songs, Colapso Cercano, Crisis Adquirida
65   47min (15 tracks)
Ok this tracks are based in war or jihads, only metal songs, 2 years a go I was very excited by this theme and I thing in some songs and here we are.
October 06, 2012 War Songs, Colapso Cercano, Crisis Adquirida
Zombieland "1"
x-KnoT x-KnoT
3   35min (10 tracks)
welcome to the Zombieland.
January 20, 2015 Zombieland "1"