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Chill Tracks - For Rosy
Panopticon20 Panopticon20
115   (11 tracks)
Because it's not always about the lyrics.
September 03, 2009 Chill Tracks - For Rosy
A Crazified Discombobulation
Panopticon20 Panopticon20
39   15min (9 tracks)
Because, sometimes, life doesn't flow casually from place to place.
September 22, 2009 A Crazified Discombobulation
Hazy Elation - For Rosy
Panopticon20 Panopticon20
40   1hr 11min (10 tracks)
We all adore love songs, and why shouldn't you? But there's always room for a little heavy thinking.
September 03, 2009 Hazy Elation - For Rosy
You are the Sweetness in My Eyes
Panopticon20 Panopticon20
41   25min (9 tracks)
First in a while, and one that I, once again, hope Rosy finds enjoyable to the highest degree/.
November 13, 2009 You are the Sweetness in My Eyes
Facial Reconstruction
Panopticon20 Panopticon20
18   20min (10 tracks)
Reconstructing the broken faces of a certain former swelled eye'd lady.
September 21, 2009 Facial Reconstruction
For Rosy, 組合せ第 4
Panopticon20 Panopticon20
15   16min (9 tracks)
Because making these for the person I find joy in is a joy in and of itself.
September 02, 2009 For Rosy, 組合せ第 4
For Rosy, Part II
Panopticon20 Panopticon20
5   4min (9 tracks)
Another series of tracks for Rosy herself.
August 31, 2009 For Rosy, Part II