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anger management 101
gypsysadie gypsysadie
2,081   (11 tracks)
fuck you, fuck authority, fuck it all.
March 01, 2012 anger management 101
tutusandcowgirlboots tutusandcowgirlboots
28,404   (11 tracks)
Songs to slay your enemies to.
April 03, 2014 THIS IS SPARTA
Slut, What The Fuck!
iCapturedTheCrown iCapturedTheCrown
When you want to throw the fuck down.
June 02, 2013 Slut, What The Fuck!
thesecondfoot thesecondfoot
1,750   (40 tracks)
One of the major concerns of jocks in high school is what music to walk on to the field with.
January 07, 2015 WE ARE!
phoenixfaithfromfire phoenixfaithfromfire
5,689   2hr 13min (190 tracks)
190 songs to rock out too.
August 19, 2013 HARD ROCK
The Best Rock Songs V-5
MetalLuis MetalLuis
6   2hr 13min (29 tracks)
rock never die.
March 09, 2015 The Best Rock Songs V-5
Bro Core 101
shitnickplays shitnickplays
910   10min (10 tracks)
Angry , intense , loud, awesome fuck you music.
February 08, 2012 Bro Core 101
Get Angry
JamesGuy21 JamesGuy21
5,756   (14 tracks)
Need a little motivation? Is it time you got off your lazy ass for once? Maybe you're just in one of those "I'm going to sucker punch the next person I...
March 13, 2013 Get Angry
Sing & Mosh
HxCSwagg HxCSwagg
3,433   (15 tracks)
Some of my faves.
March 03, 2013 Sing & Mosh
The Best Rock Songs V-4
MetalLuis MetalLuis
9   38min (30 tracks)
This music is special to you like Rock.
March 06, 2015 The Best Rock Songs V-4