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marlontth marlontth
1,808   1hr 21min (21 tracks)
Music for emotional Punk/Hardcore kids.
September 29, 2013 IF punk kids cried.
walthersss walthersss
480   1hr 37min (30 tracks)
July 31, 2013 Every Damn Day
veforvendetta veforvendetta
1,197   38min (10 tracks)
No actual flow to this playlist.
April 21, 2013 5 Bands I Could Listen To Forever
Radically_Sydney Radically_Sydney
1,265   1hr 22min (23 tracks)
Ranging from slower post-hardcore songs to heavy beats, this mix is jammed packed with songs for any occasion.
August 23, 2013 Mosh With Me?
Angela_arellano Angela_arellano
4,520   1hr 8min (30 tracks)
So many damned mixes miss out on the best bands.
August 01, 2013 Sad but still living
Cigarettesandwhiskey Cigarettesandwhiskey
731   1hr 5min (16 tracks)
A mix of some sad and happy.
July 25, 2013 Cigarettes.
scuba_ali scuba_ali
6,058   30min (9 tracks)
Brand New, La Dispute, Title Fight, etc.
June 18, 2014 Don't apologize, I hope you choke & die.
chasingghostss chasingghostss
334   35min (11 tracks)
For those small moments of feeling betrayed or just angry and feel like taking your anger out on the world.
September 09, 2013 When you feel like going against everyone
alltimemckenna alltimemckenna
796   1hr 7min (19 tracks)
idk theres alot of variations of punk in here so alot of people might not like it but this is what i like listening to?.
March 01, 2014 Relinguish
MaggieMauro MaggieMauro
872   3hr 41min (104 tracks)
March 07, 2014 Here's to the hardcore kids
ShoebK ShoebK
987   37min (12 tracks)
For those of us who don't run to fucking Dub Step.
May 22, 2012 Run Mix
PhannyLestsnop PhannyLestsnop
1,237   2hr 21min (38 tracks)
this playlist is more bullshit than my existence.
April 19, 2014 i still suck