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pop punk covers
turner.jpg turner.jpg
134   1hr 34min (27 tracks)
cause all is better when it's pop punk.
March 16, 2015 pop punk covers
☾ i'm no good, you're no better ☽
aaliyahsm aaliyahsm
153   2hr 29min (47 tracks)
nearly 3 hours of solid sad pop punk for those gloomy sleepless nights.
March 24, 2015 ☾ i'm no good, you're no better ☽
my dream warped tour '15 lineup
aduhsilva aduhsilva
810   18min (27 tracks)
Twenty-six tracks including music by Basement, Being As An Ocean, and Capsize.
February 17, 2015 my dream warped tour '15 lineup
you've earned my disgust
seriouslay seriouslay
let that anger out.
February 14, 2015 you've earned my disgust
sad spring
seahavem seahavem
182   12min (16 tracks)
im sorry im sad so all my playlists are sad but this one is pretty good.
March 04, 2015 sad spring
Punk 101: The '90s Revival
gulpingdownthorazines gulpingdownthorazines
250   1hr 9min (72 tracks)
"Punk 101: The '90s Revival" features music from the resurgence of punk culture in the 1990s, from riot grrrl to pop punk.
March 08, 2015 Punk 101: The '90s Revival
Punk Rock Memories
PlanetX1 PlanetX1
495   (20 tracks)
For all the true punks at heart.
March 01, 2015 Punk Rock Memories
Pop Punk, Hardcore and Lawnmowers.
northlyne northlyne
790   (29 tracks)
a playlist for when you want to bury yourself in a blanket burrito with good music.
January 24, 2015 Pop Punk, Hardcore and Lawnmowers.
Warped Tour 2015
meetmein-outerspace meetmein-outerspace
A playlist with some of the bands on this years lineup.
March 28, 2015 Warped Tour 2015
The Real Wonder Basement Friends
viveksomani viveksomani
1,148   (12 tracks)
A brief collection of super rad pop punk/hardcore jams.
July 29, 2013 The Real Wonder Basement Friends
Sad but still living
Angela_arellano Angela_arellano
4,448   13min (35 tracks)
So many damned mixes miss out on the best bands.
August 01, 2013 Sad but still living
i still suck
PhannyLestsnop PhannyLestsnop
1,227   (43 tracks)
this playlist is more bullshit than my existence.
April 19, 2014 i still suck