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Thought is Performance
becomingamaniac becomingamaniac
106   1hr 0min (16 tracks)
Thought is the thought of thought.
December 20, 2014 Thought is Performance
It's chin stroking time
welcomeinsectoverlords welcomeinsectoverlords
46   28min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks to get you pondering including music by Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry, John Cage and John Zorn.
September 05, 2009 It's chin stroking time
gots gots
214   38min (8 tracks)
gamelan between tradition and innovation.
October 03, 2010 pseudo.gamelan
The fog comes in on little cat feet.
71mililani40 71mililani40
969   38min (12 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by Van Cliburn, Kronos Quartet, Itzak Perlman.
July 31, 2009 The fog comes in on little cat feet.
A bottle full of rain
residenciaenelviento residenciaenelviento
99   32min (8 tracks)
"La conciencia de culpa es asimismo nostalgia, conciencia de exilio".
December 02, 2011 A bottle full of rain
Soundscapes 10/31/13
SoundscapesWithDJMonet SoundscapesWithDJMonet
30   1hr 51min (27 tracks)
DJ Monet features the creepiest, spine chilling (as opposed to just plain "chill"), Halloween-y music that he's played on his show yet.
November 01, 2013 Soundscapes 10/31/13
Psychedelic (at least in some sense)
t_hayashi t_hayashi
25   43min (8 tracks)
ふつうは「サイケデリック」にカテゴライズされないであろうけど、個人的にはものすごく「サイケデリック」を感じる、そんな曲を集めてみました。(でも、結果的に、たんなる「ドローン集」になってしまったきらいも) Yes, these songs may not fall under "psychedel...
December 04, 2009 Psychedelic (at least in some sense)
Whimsical Stonecarver
onanarrowplain onanarrowplain
157   5hr 16min (63 tracks)
Eclectic chaos cast into a magnetic pulse.
January 06, 2010 Whimsical Stonecarver
You Are Probably a Lot More Primitive Than You Realize
the_fourth the_fourth
48   36min (10 tracks)
It might be interesting to relax and see what happens.
May 21, 2011 You Are Probably a Lot More Primitive Than You Realize
Rose Lalonde
lortefar lortefar
55   32min (8 tracks)
TT: There's still a perfectly intact piece of my mind which realizes how ridiculous it is to be flying across rainbow oceans with a couple of magic wan...
December 25, 2012 Rose Lalonde
It Can Happen Here Vol. VII
jgms jgms
41   1hr 27min (8 tracks)
A series of mixtapes to pay homage to my musical heroes, an invitation to see where I come from as a musician, hope you enjoy! Una serie de mixtapes e...
January 15, 2014 It Can Happen Here Vol. VII