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Haunting & Beautiful
lauren.e.brown.9 lauren.e.brown.9
A mix of gorgeous vocals and melancholy sounds that will break your heart in the best way possible :) .
October 09, 2013 Haunting & Beautiful
Darkening Within My Depths
spacethyla spacethyla
607   (10 tracks)
Hauntingly beautiful songs to fulfill all your inner demon's needs.
September 11, 2013 Darkening Within My Depths
Ghosts of Lovers
tenerifethoughts tenerifethoughts
Only in death could I find a sweet reprieve from you.
October 24, 2013 Ghosts of Lovers
Beautiful Movie Soundtrack Music
emms91 emms91
Some of my favorite movie soundtrack music, I'll keep adding more when I find some!! Features some beautiful tracks by James Newton Howard, Rachel Port...
August 15, 2012 Beautiful Movie Soundtrack Music
Autumn walks
briannelocke briannelocke
Playlist for when you go on those nice walk through the woods during autumn with colorful leaves that cover the ground, feeling the fresh crisp air fi...
August 30, 2014 Autumn walks
nostalgicdreamer nostalgicdreamer
beautifully haunting music, mostly indie.
October 05, 2013 haunted.
Workshop Mix #1
blythealtmann blythealtmann
This is a playlist created for the Halloween Final Drafters workshop.
September 23, 2014 Workshop Mix #1
realdizzy realdizzy
Let me give you shivers.
October 18, 2013 Huntress
beautiful piano songs
nandosniallers nandosniallers
1,332   1hr 20min (21 tracks)
"life is like a piano; what you get out of it depends on how you play it.
May 03, 2014 beautiful piano songs
Lullaby Haunting My Dream
jennibontekoe jennibontekoe
lullaby's that might haunt your dreams.
July 21, 2014 Lullaby Haunting My Dream