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Bad to the Bone
SpitFire667 SpitFire667
865   1hr 29min (27 tracks)
All those cool things .
December 01, 2013 Bad to the Bone
why don't you bite me
fr4nk3l fr4nk3l
we should go to a dark place and discuss this question in depth.
November 23, 2011 why don't you bite me
Steel and Stone
ThatManxGuy ThatManxGuy
1,867   27min (20 tracks)
(Metal and rock) A collection of heavier tracks for you to get your head-bang on to! Enjoy! Featuring tracks from BMTH, WCAR, FFDP and more! .
December 08, 2014 Steel and Stone
Rock and/or Roll
Danny.S Danny.S
401   (14 tracks)
A collection of the heaviest and the best of Metal and rock.
December 18, 2012 Rock and/or Roll
rawrainecarr rawrainecarr
Nine tracks including music by Anberlin, Escape the Fate, and The Used.
September 03, 2011 Heavy.
coolmonsterr coolmonsterr
1,063   45min (45 tracks)
For those times when you just want to destroy everything around you.
April 07, 2013 Rage.
XXX & Violence?
Blazing Hobo Blazing Hobo
686   29min (23 tracks)
"Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward.
March 19, 2013 XXX & Violence?
Audio Overkill Vol. 01
themusicjunkies themusicjunkies
2,610   58min (18 tracks)
Audio Overkill: This is a mix for rock fans that like their music to be hard and in your face.
July 18, 2011 Audio Overkill Vol. 01
Audio Overkill Vol. 02
themusicjunkies themusicjunkies
511   1hr 1min (17 tracks)
Audio Overkill: This is a mix for rock fans that like their music to be on the heavy side.
November 17, 2011 Audio Overkill Vol. 02
My favourite Metal Covers
rafacaro rafacaro
591   1hr 32min (39 tracks)
Famous songs covered in metal.
August 16, 2012 My favourite Metal Covers
Heavy Metal
Sannon Sannon
74   2hr 16min (29 tracks)
Just some very good Heavy Metal! .
January 07, 2015 Heavy Metal
2011 METAL (it goes up to 11)
xenochronic xenochronic
820   3hr 59min (48 tracks)
not necessarily all the metal I've heard in 2011, but certainly what are in my mind the most super ridiculously awesome heavy metal songs of '11.
January 07, 2012 2011 METAL (it goes up to 11)