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ablank ablank
4,579   1hr 0min (12 tracks)
Surrendering to the sun I feel like starting over My Bloody Valentine Pia Fraus Air Formation.
February 07, 2013 Gravity's Release
ablank ablank
358   51min (11 tracks)
For falling off the edge of things Highspire Tears Run Rings Slowdive .
January 09, 2013 Inertia's Embrace
ablank ablank
271   48min (11 tracks)
have you seen her? she's a kaleidoscope she can show you colors that no one knows my bloody valentine lsd & the search for god slowdive .
August 12, 2013 she found now
ablank ablank
422   54min (10 tracks)
You help her forget The world outside You're not part of it yet And if you could drive you could drive her away To a happier place To a happier day S...
December 26, 2012 Fairytale You
ablank ablank
201   38min (8 tracks)
I'll take you as high as the sound My Bloody Valentine A Sunny Day In Glasgow M83.
July 13, 2012 Nitetime Rainbows
ablank ablank
55   1hr 1min (12 tracks)
Lose control The Depreciation Guild A Shoreline Dream Slowdive.
July 08, 2012 Primal
kaylanorma kaylanorma
168   4hr 27min (58 tracks)
Blurry flowers for your ears.
September 22, 2014 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Shoegazing
Epicrates Epicrates
267   1hr 51min (24 tracks)
The top 25 greatest songs from the last decade or so.
February 24, 2013 Top 25 2000-2010
Annihislater Annihislater
49   41min (9 tracks)
The fourth and final instalment of my series of shoegaze mixes.
October 29, 2014 Heads Down, Fuzz Up: Shoegaze Part 4: 2010 and beyond