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The Best Of 90s Rap
AlexK4 AlexK4
3,535   (16 tracks)
This is for the people like me who know that todays rap is nowhere near as good as it was back in the dizzay.
August 10, 2012 The Best Of 90s Rap
I'm Feelin' it
pauloeee pauloeee
3,665   37min (13 tracks)
Dem flow.
December 26, 2013 I'm Feelin' it
Hippin' and Hoppin', Movin' and Groovin'
saytebyo saytebyo
262   (14 tracks)
The hip-hop I grew up with, including tracks by A Tribe Called Quest, N.
December 23, 2011 Hippin' and Hoppin', Movin' and Groovin'
Kickin' it old school
nmlak nmlak
1,219   9min (39 tracks)
Like back in the day.
August 20, 2014 Kickin' it old school
Throwbacks Part 1
phenomenaa phenomenaa
4,886   9min (25 tracks)
Reminisce here.
March 09, 2013 Throwbacks Part 1
From Rags to Riches
dmancan dmancan
366   8min (20 tracks)
An assortment of rap/hip-hop hits from the early 2000s till today.
August 16, 2013 From Rags to Riches
Them G's
Caarmensita Caarmensita
2,207   (10 tracks)
Every hood is the same.
February 09, 2014 Them G's
Snowboard, mountains & hip-hop
Liusiok Liusiok
879   1hr 39min (27 tracks)
Another playlist for snowboarding including hip-hop tracks.
November 16, 2011 Snowboard, mountains & hip-hop
10 Hip-Hop Songs Produced by Rick Rubin
guestaudio guestaudio
783   7min (10 tracks)
From 1984 to 2013 Including Eminem, Beastie Boys & Jay-Z.
September 12, 2013 10 Hip-Hop Songs Produced by Rick Rubin
best of q-tip
shellytakeabow shellytakeabow
514   21min (14 tracks)
A mix including some of the best tracks featuring Q-tip.
November 25, 2012 best of q-tip
Tip Top Hip Hop
2,198   45min (18 tracks)
my go to songs, soon to be yours.
July 23, 2012 Tip Top Hip Hop