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ernest prakasa ernest prakasa
31   29min (10 tracks)
April 09, 2015 Chill Hop
breakdance265 breakdance265
6,974   1hr 49min (31 tracks)
A mix of all generations of chill hip hop.
October 28, 2013 Just One Of Those Days
428   4hr 52min (84 tracks)
March 28, 2014 Nocturne
kieran1388 kieran1388
573   43min (11 tracks)
The perfect compilation for roaming the streets all night.
December 06, 2012 Nuit Blanche
TheSourceAbe TheSourceAbe
1,871   4hr 24min (65 tracks)
Long Live Bronx!.
May 19, 2012 Lets Get It On! and Shut the F*** Up!
MarkWilliams MarkWilliams
3,246   1hr 0min (17 tracks)
Great if you're just hanging out and need some music to listen to.
September 25, 2012 Coastin'
krhaddix krhaddix
5,947   48min (14 tracks)
Mix of laid back hip hop perfect for lighting one up, sitting back with your headphones, or if you just want to listen to good stuff.
January 01, 2013 Lazy Bliss
takenfromh2o takenfromh2o
1,412   3hr 49min (74 tracks)
A perfect blend of both relaxation and introspective.
September 25, 2013 KICK BACK HIP HOP
jl_sanchez12 jl_sanchez12
12,063   1hr 4min (19 tracks)
sometimes you gotta be cocky.
September 29, 2012 fuck it all
alan_watson34 alan_watson34
8,560   48min (13 tracks)
Few Tracks with the beats to make you wanna slack.
November 06, 2012 Laid Back Hip-Hop
squarian squarian
791   1hr 10min (20 tracks)
a mix of upbeat and laidback music from up and coming artists and a few mainstream artists on the list.
February 15, 2012 Teenage Lifestyles
ellebell524 ellebell524
267   1hr 31min (31 tracks)
Thirty-three tracks including music by Arctic Monkeys, Band of Horses, and Baths.
April 01, 2012 Mello Yello