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605   51min (17 tracks)
April 05, 2011 Is it a mix?
karthikG karthikG
779   43min (10 tracks)
Eleven tracks including music by Aphex Twin, Benn Jordan and coldplay .
February 06, 2010 soothing music/study music
mchess33 mchess33
396   1hr 2min (15 tracks)
Throw on some headphones, grab your books, and study until you pass out.
December 09, 2011 Study your face off
wslolbach wslolbach
254   31min (12 tracks)
14 tracks for your shower sesh.
February 25, 2011 Hightime for a Shower
bruce_e_k bruce_e_k
148   1hr 44min (18 tracks)
ATP is coming up , and as usual that means MixTape Timez.
November 09, 2012 ATP Curated By Me: Day 3
JohnLithium JohnLithium
3   1hr 28min (20 tracks)
Quality tracks by bands starting with the letter "C".
February 22, 2015 The Letter "C"
KG23 KG23
63   22min (10 tracks)
I always feel more comfortable in chaotic surroundings.
March 22, 2011 Requiem for Chaotic Sounds and Souls.
littlest-bun littlest-bun
319   1hr 55min (27 tracks)
when will you return? 27 songs of all kinds that bring me solace while dreaming about being in your arms again tracks by artists like baths, tame impal...
June 10, 2014 quand vas tu rentrer?
berksi berksi
34   42min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by ISIS, Sage Francis, and Novembre.
February 21, 2011 kinda progressive
theLazyBasement theLazyBasement
35   39min (8 tracks)
Rap and Post Rock go together pretty nicely.
January 21, 2012 Decisions..
saadtalha saadtalha
55   1hr 3min (18 tracks)
All sorts of music to put a smile on that face.
January 06, 2011 Hold This Hand, and Let The Bombs Explode...We'll Be Fine
leobrown leobrown
96   28min (8 tracks)
Another inspired mix of tunes telling sad stories, if only because I only ever make very happy mixes.
February 08, 2010 Loneliness is easy to dance to