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letchbody letchbody
3,108   1hr 19min (22 tracks)
New hood trap remixes for you to jam while flickin' da wrist and pumpin' your trap fist.
April 21, 2015 REMIX THE BANDO
crownhist crownhist
15,891   13min (12 tracks)
some turn up songs for partying in summer.
April 17, 2015 post to be
glolo26 glolo26
10,948   54min (15 tracks)
Dope Remixes 2! ***House, Trap, and Hip Hop Remixes*** Check out the first Dope Remixes with 700+ likes here: ...
April 15, 2015 Dope Remixes 2
Vee.Jiang Vee.Jiang
21,351   (19 tracks)
Tired of the mainstream; rap's better than just sex, drugs, and money.
April 14, 2015 Classy
seanliss seanliss
39,737   41min (11 tracks)
Some of the best trap remixes out there.
April 07, 2015 It's a Trap (Rap Trap Remixes)
pari white pari white
2,472   32min (18 tracks)
whats more cliché than a spring break playlist for spring break?? .
April 14, 2015 hyfr spring break
Raquelibleh Raquelibleh
2,397   33min (8 tracks)
Mixtape (Y) Trap rap nigha Nothing but good music lol.
April 14, 2015 DEAD MEAT
lukehmmings lukehmmings
294   33min (9 tracks)
because, this is how we play.
April 25, 2015 driving ya' insane.
Latinoplayer569 Latinoplayer569
1,995   1hr 59min (33 tracks)
Listen to all 33 songs and enjoy comment what you think about my mix i would like to know the feedback .
April 17, 2015 Trap Remix
kara_pochkar kara_pochkar
40,703   1hr 47min (28 tracks)
*beat drops*.
March 28, 2015 Trappin out the bando
katoverlord-898 katoverlord-898
2,947   2hr 31min (37 tracks)
Twenty-one tracks including music by 20Syl, A Tribe Called Quest, and Akon ft.
tresean d tresean d
123   32min (9 tracks)
Some songs for the summer turn up.
April 24, 2015 Trappin'