Hip hop + theme

Brass Raps
mshi mshi
200   17min (14 tracks)
A selection of hip hop songs (by artists including Jay-Z, Gang Starr, and Kendrick Lamar) that feature brass instruments.
January 30, 2015 Brass Raps
Flashing Lights
lindzeh lindzeh
78   20min (8 tracks)
Songs about things that illuminate.
March 30, 2011 Flashing Lights
141   20min (19 tracks)
a mix about the grind.
SOTM 2010 v.4.0
PennyMens PennyMens
State of the Mens = SOTM Click to "Like" 'The Constitution' Hero of the Day: U.
April 22, 2012 SOTM 2010 v.4.0
SOTM 2011 v.4.0
PennyMens PennyMens
23   58min (23 tracks)
State of the Mens = SOTM Street Genius Meets The Mysterious Master of Propaganda Hero of the Day: Banksy.
August 30, 2012 SOTM 2011 v.4.0
SOTM 2011 v.2.0
PennyMens PennyMens
22   44min (23 tracks)
State of the Mens = SOTM Mensalicious Hero of the Day: Stephen Colbert.
August 16, 2012 SOTM 2011 v.2.0
SOTM 2006 v.2.0
PennyMens PennyMens
20   59min (21 tracks)
SOTM = State of The Mens And thus the transformation begins.
August 12, 2011 SOTM 2006 v.2.0
SOTM 2009 v.2.0
PennyMens PennyMens
29   1hr 18min (25 tracks)
SOTM = State of The Mens Take a Walk on Broad Street Heroine of the Day: Liz Phair Track List: http://bit.
December 28, 2011 SOTM 2009 v.2.0
SOTM 2010 v.3.0
PennyMens PennyMens
23   12min (23 tracks)
State of the Mens = SOTM (The Baroness Has My Back) Heroine of the Day: Lady Gaga.
April 15, 2012 SOTM 2010 v.3.0
SOTM 2010 v.2.0
PennyMens PennyMens
70   31min (28 tracks)
State of the Mens = SOTM Live Music Stirred My Soul* Heroine of the Day: Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) *background images are from a Flaming Lips co...
March 23, 2012 SOTM 2010 v.2.0
SOTM 2009 v.5.0
PennyMens PennyMens
10   1hr 8min (25 tracks)
SOTM = State of The Mens Back in the NoVa Hero of the Day: Mos Def Track List: http://www.
January 07, 2012 SOTM 2009 v.5.0
SOTM 2009 v.4.0
PennyMens PennyMens
9   1hr 3min (24 tracks)
SOTM = State of The Mens Paint it Black (teenage style) Heroine of the Day: Neko Case Thanks to Delia's for the dress :) Track List: http://buff.
January 02, 2012 SOTM 2009 v.4.0