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Beats, Rhymes and FLOWZ
famajole famajole
56   8hr 14min (116 tracks)
These are the best I found.
March 31, 2015 Beats, Rhymes and FLOWZ
Wake The F*ck Up
kush777 kush777
real spit + dope beats.
April 01, 2015 Wake The F*ck Up
Indy RAP
Diopostle Diopostle
Five tracks including music by DIOP, DonChambers317, and HardWoodFresco.
March 31, 2015 Indy RAP
oldandnewpride oldandnewpride
17   35min (12 tracks)
perfect for any situation.
March 31, 2015 deeper
Hip Hop Jams
calistageisel calistageisel
58   44min (11 tracks)
Some of my current favorites by A$AP, Kendrick, Logic, Hopsin.
March 28, 2015 Hip Hop Jams
I Only Fuck w/ Centerfolds
reidn94 reidn94
139   1hr 43min (28 tracks)
A couple songs from each of my favorite hip hop artists with a double dose of Kendrick Lamar.
March 26, 2015 I Only Fuck w/ Centerfolds
Valentin69 Valentin69
71   2hr 7min (35 tracks)
you think the kush makes you think on level 4? im on 5.
March 26, 2015 PUFF PUFF PASS
Game Over
littlesefill littlesefill
1,518   (20 tracks)
Old School But Good School ;).
March 24, 2015 Game Over
The Underground Vibes
Cubeyo Cubeyo
85   1hr 4min (20 tracks)
some of the sickest tracks from many great underground artists.
March 25, 2015 The Underground Vibes
Gangsta Shit
St. William St. William
540   1hr 49min (28 tracks)
Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.
March 25, 2015 Gangsta Shit
Trip-Hopped Milk
TardyCardigan TardyCardigan
73   28min (8 tracks)
The 2% of music, better hip-hop, less nonsense.
March 23, 2015 Trip-Hopped Milk