Indie + indie rock + mellow

seaembraces seaembraces
578   (12 tracks)
You who have inhabited me in the deepest and most broken place, are going, going.
June 20, 2013 Forget-me-not
or maybe we wont.
Tepid Tepid
143   (14 tracks)
buy my mixtape.
March 06, 2015 or maybe we wont.
Where the heaven are we.
CleorgeGooney CleorgeGooney
1,445   (33 tracks)
Bunch of Indie/rock songs I listen a lot.
August 07, 2013 Where the heaven are we.
Going Postal
thomvs thomvs
383   17min (12 tracks)
Most modern day rock is pretty crappy, but this current indie-rock is an acception.
August 29, 2014 Going Postal
At the seaside
michC michC
1,756   32min (15 tracks)
For a variety of adventures.
December 29, 2014 At the seaside
I promise I'll be quiet
margarethgriffith margarethgriffith
108   (12 tracks)
Just making sure you like it before it reaches cd.
February 10, 2015 I promise I'll be quiet
emelynemei emelynemei
38   (22 tracks)
compilation of indie songs i love listening to p/c: tumblr.
February 09, 2014 GO INDIE OR GO HOME
There's A Light
EatsLoveForBreakfast EatsLoveForBreakfast
575   10min (8 tracks)
Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic beautiful parts of life, and the universe will keep giving them to you.
June 11, 2014 There's A Light
Evelitze Evelitze
1,595   5min (10 tracks)
November 19, 2014 reality
You be careful, I'll be the reckless one
nicoleeel nicoleeel
447   (14 tracks)
Some upbeat, some mellow, all amazing.
January 13, 2012 You be careful, I'll be the reckless one