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doing it right
awoInation awoInation
2,462   (15 tracks)
and on the 3rd day, god said lets put 2 really good songs by 2 really good artists together and make one really great song.
February 21, 2015 doing it right
old songs, new beat
libbyys libbyys
12,037   1hr 18min (22 tracks)
remixes and mashups of good songs you probably listen to.
January 27, 2015 old songs, new beat
pina coladas on a tuesday
hufsocks hufsocks
4,095   (14 tracks)
a collection of all my favorite mashups so far.
January 27, 2015 pina coladas on a tuesday
mashup mayhem
\m/adeline \m/adeline
4,134   52min (13 tracks)
mashups of the most wicked songs from completely different genres B-) (I KNOW EVERYONE MAKES THESE BUT I WANTED ONE).
January 18, 2015 mashup mayhem
rap for indie kids
bylan odrien bylan odrien
22,828   (12 tracks)
indie/rap mashups for all you hipsters xx part 2 http://8tracks.
November 09, 2014 rap for indie kids
songs to dance like alex turner to
caulfields caulfields
19,658   1hr 33min (21 tracks)
remixes and mashups for those nights you want to dance alone in your room.
November 01, 2013 songs to dance like alex turner to
AJ Miller AJ Miller
18,036   1hr 6min (13 tracks)
Some of the best mashups you'll ever hear.
September 23, 2012 Peace.Love.Music
indie remix/mashups
nxveen nxveen
19,990   (17 tracks)
some chill indie remixes & mashups i love and that you'll love too.
September 24, 2014 indie remix/mashups
anything but the original
brightlynd brightlynd
1,115   45min (19 tracks)
for when the original is just too original.
January 18, 2015 anything but the original
mashing up and remixing
metallicveins metallicveins
9,975   24min (25 tracks)
remixes or covers by your favorite indie rock bands so yeah thank me later .
March 12, 2014 mashing up and remixing
mash it
maary maary
8,964   1hr 12min (25 tracks)
26 tracks - hope you enjoy Other mashup playlists: http://8tracks.
June 05, 2013 mash it