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intro to indie
annikasmith annikasmith
12   1hr 0min (17 tracks)
this was probably your freshman indie phase yes that is from submarine yes everyone has seen it arctic monkeys aren't underground super indie rock.
March 29, 2015 intro to indie
asteryzm asteryzm
24   37min (8 tracks)
March 29, 2015 Awakening
mkzs mkzs
25   20min (8 tracks)
March 28, 2015 characters
esimxrp esimxrp
4   1hr 10min (19 tracks)
songs i'm currently obsessed with.
March 29, 2015 tranquil
march favorites
dreamer729 dreamer729
10   1hr 6min (17 tracks)
these are some songs that i've been enjoying this month and i hope you'll enjoy them as well :-).
March 29, 2015 march favorites
ghoulterror ghoulterror
14   38min (10 tracks)
they say stay in the lines, but there's always something better on the other side.
March 29, 2015 filibuster
another world
foolishgold foolishgold
33   1hr 10min (20 tracks)
a mix of songs which are great to listen to no matter what you're doing .
March 28, 2015 another world
Voyage en France
Lapin-Tigre Lapin-Tigre
13   26min (8 tracks)
Another French song playlist.
March 29, 2015 Voyage en France
ayyy excitement
neverendinggeorgie neverendinggeorgie
22   36min (10 tracks)
making a lot these in advance for a long trip sorry oh and photo by skymeetsyou on tumblr :):).
March 27, 2015 ayyy excitement
betweeneyelids betweeneyelids
5   36min (11 tracks)
But I love you still, I need you, more than anyone, darlin'.
March 28, 2015 1
everything will be alright
sinnful sinnful
27   40min (11 tracks)
when days are so rough and you cant do anything.
March 28, 2015 everything will be alright
A Gossip Girl Mixtape Love | Songs for Chuck & Blair
Beyond Beyond Beyond Beyond
18   7min (2 tracks)
A Gossip Girl Mixtape Love | Songs for Chuck & Blair .
March 27, 2015 A Gossip Girl Mixtape Love | Songs for Chuck & Blair