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smileitskiy smileitskiy
320   1hr 20min (23 tracks)
Everyone wants summer romance to turn into something more long term; this is a playlist for just that.
July 30, 2013 ♡settle down with me ♡
whattabadi whattabadi
341   1hr 55min (29 tracks)
30 lovely tracks with artists such as Lady Antebellum, Rachel Yamagata, and Mat Kearney.
August 11, 2012 I am nauseous and tingly all over. I am either in love or I have smallpox.
mariamartin mariamartin
72   33min (9 tracks)
no expectations no disappointments.
February 19, 2013 when girl meets boy
jing_wong jing_wong
18   29min (8 tracks)
For every grain of sand that waterfalls from your bikini bottoms (or trunks).
July 29, 2013 Indian Summer
hannahpings hannahpings
35   50min (14 tracks)
"summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the english language.
March 20, 2014 summer days