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songs that sound BIG
cradio cradio
68   16min (9 tracks)
Must be played at an obscenely high volume.
June 09, 2011 songs that sound BIG
a pretentious starter to indie music
fairytaled fairytaled
2,596   (18 tracks)
these are the songs for anyone who thinks they're too cool to actually be cool, and to those that think that being mainstream is too mainstream, but no...
January 22, 2013 a pretentious starter to indie music
princess.jasmine princess.jasmine
287   (18 tracks)
you know those songs that don't quite make you dance, but make you tap your feet or just maybe move around a little? well here's eighteen of those :).
October 03, 2011 quirks
Weird and Quirky
ChicHooliganBradley ChicHooliganBradley
89   53min (14 tracks)
For when you feel particularly bizarre.
November 22, 2011 Weird and Quirky
Indi-pendent/vidual Records
WillRG WillRG
288   1hr 13min (30 tracks)
30 Songs of Indie and some, I don't know if these go well together and I can't say these all fall under a certain feeling, but I can tell you is I feel...
March 20, 2012 Indi-pendent/vidual Records
No Pants, No Problem
jessiejamez jessiejamez
816   7min (10 tracks)
Songs to dance alone in your underwear to.
April 09, 2012 No Pants, No Problem
The Awkward Relationship of You and I
VampireWeekendObsessed VampireWeekendObsessed
A playlist for the weird relationships where you have no idea know what's going on, the awkward attempts to force 'what's-meant-to-be' along with the #...
November 03, 2012 The Awkward Relationship of You and I
she moves in her own way
kevinmccartney1 kevinmccartney1
2,551   14min (12 tracks)
an eclectic mix of love songs.
February 22, 2013 she moves in her own way
Quintessentially Quirky
CreatureCreature CreatureCreature
51   28min (8 tracks)
8 tracks including music by Animal Collective, Architecture In Helsinki, and Freezepop.
October 06, 2011 Quintessentially Quirky
Reluctant Romantics
odessadenby odessadenby
88   (11 tracks)
Songs for those feelings that creep up on you and how you try to rationalize them.
December 09, 2013 Reluctant Romantics
middle distance runner
ferrous goxide ferrous goxide
With a winning smile, the boy with naïveté succeeds.
July 20, 2012 middle distance runner