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ladygagas ladygagas
2,772   (18 tracks)
some motivation for long study sessions/boring homework.
January 12, 2015 homework
nirvona nirvona
417   (11 tracks)
songs that make me feel like the sunglasses emoji (kinda a pt.
January 04, 2015 antichrist
☹back to school☹
marisadelrey marisadelrey
3,839   (14 tracks)
songs that prepare you for school and the teen angst that goes along with it.
August 16, 2013 ☹back to school☹
get your shit together
marisadelrey marisadelrey
6,570   (26 tracks)
school sucks i know.
September 07, 2014 get your shit together
electraheartss electraheartss
24,797   (22 tracks)
some really great songs that i think everyone should know feat.
September 14, 2014 !!!!
ugh, school
ultraviolvnces ultraviolvnces
2,909   (15 tracks)
November 07, 2014 ugh, school
boys? homicide
charlottehackett13 charlottehackett13
3,051   (14 tracks)
a playlist to save my sanity for school day #1 (ie moody indie rock with good guitar whatever).
September 03, 2013 boys? homicide
why did we even go to school
fi0na fi0na
4,454   (13 tracks)
school is gross.
September 07, 2013 why did we even go to school
go kick ass today
the1975s the1975s
10,933   (26 tracks)
songs to help you get through the hell of going back to school!!!!.
August 23, 2014 go kick ass today
too. much. work.
Something_blue_at_221b Something_blue_at_221b
just a bunch of songs to get you through 3 hours and 28 minutes of work because we all need it .
September 17, 2014 too. much. work.
Goodbye Summer, Hello School
elutz elutz
1,254   15min (24 tracks)
party with no pants on hollaa!! .
September 04, 2011 Goodbye Summer, Hello School
mind over matter
regina spektor regina spektor
1,979   (16 tracks)
i made this to listen to during school (as usual, influenced by dani).
August 28, 2014 mind over matter