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As Long As It Lasts
lihi2105 lihi2105
3,185   2hr 17min (37 tracks)
April 12, 2015 As Long As It Lasts
The Bitch is Back
casketscratcher casketscratcher
29   38min (9 tracks)
She's relentless.
April 15, 2015 The Bitch is Back
A slow dive into a fire hive
kostakx kostakx
42   54min (13 tracks)
Bass to move your inner organs, purple light to drown you in the sweet darkness.
April 07, 2015 A slow dive into a fire hive
high speed low drag son of a bitch
Starfoozle Starfoozle
"Major said the task force used to call you Crash.
March 24, 2015 high speed low drag son of a bitch
Industrial Revolution jams??
hailogozalek hailogozalek
7   36min (10 tracks)
songs about the industrial revolution.
April 02, 2015 Industrial Revolution jams??
the nasty award
wilsongrey wilsongrey
13   37min (8 tracks)
A Virus RPer once told me the way I play Shiroba is too gross to RP with.
April 16, 2015 the nasty award
I'm Feeling A Little Blue
Bl00dfl0wer Bl00dfl0wer
1   53min (12 tracks)
Melancholic songs from synthpop artists.
April 17, 2015 I'm Feeling A Little Blue
i saw him again yesterday
sleepyscreech sleepyscreech
138   30min (8 tracks)
another spooky ambient mix.
March 26, 2015 i saw him again yesterday
Cyberpunk Adventures
janet.jongebloed janet.jongebloed
102   1hr 42min (20 tracks)
For War_Wrecker from Reddit.
March 26, 2015 Cyberpunk Adventures
Do Me
JenWalters JenWalters
328   46min (15 tracks)
Build me up and I'll break you down; A playlist inspired by sex itself - from the candid, sweet touches shared between new lovers to the filthy sobs...
March 24, 2015 Do Me
fernandoex fernandoex
39   27min (8 tracks)
Sum tracks 4 to travel + faster than the speed of light including music by KidCrusher, Sinister Souls & Bratkilla.
April 02, 2015 SPEEDEATH