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impossible.soul impossible.soul
8,691   (12 tracks)
Because you still need some *mostly* instrumental music to study, and classical music makes you sleepy.
April 06, 2015 Concentrate.
nanasaru nanasaru
48   (9 tracks)
Instrumental music to get you on that study grind.
April 15, 2015 Study Grind
Deckylogan Deckylogan
1,714   1hr 11min (18 tracks)
Instrumental music for when you are not sad, but you want just relax.
March 24, 2015 Instrumental to soothe
Desertrosy Desertrosy
689   (19 tracks)
The good old days.
April 02, 2015 Happy Days
valerielavigneyoga valerielavigneyoga
325   1hr 23min (14 tracks)
classical piano pieces to compliment an inspiring yoga class.
March 01, 2015 [be present]
WhileInBed WhileInBed
4,595   42min (8 tracks)
February 20, 2015 Study 'til you can't study no more
awzoella awzoella
9,538   1hr 9min (14 tracks)
my favorite piano covers & medleys .
January 24, 2015 piano af
wenzgreen wenzgreen
43,987   1hr 0min (16 tracks)
A mix of popular songs played to you by beautiful artists and their instruments! Most of the pieces are piano solos, but there are definitely instrum...
January 06, 2015 1 Hour of Instrumental Covers
MissPetalFace MissPetalFace
1,154   35min (10 tracks)
Instrumentals from the Professor Layton series in time line order.
August 03, 2014 Professor Layton
thom_ato thom_ato
50   35min (14 tracks)
grab your favorite warm beverage and curl up by the fire.
February 26, 2015 for a weary adventurer
Eareendil Eareendil
3,452   1hr 19min (14 tracks)
Since the first playlist got some love, and I got into Medschool aand got tired of listening to the same old songs over and over, I thought that maybe ...
February 09, 2015 Studying for Medicine (2)
lovepoemms lovepoemms
28,324   1hr 42min (29 tracks)
a playlist to keep you awake while you study or to sing along to in the car.
May 08, 2014 pop piano covers