Instrumental + solo

Piano Solo Music
Peter Bille Larsen Peter Bille Larsen
376   41min (9 tracks)
Eleven tracks including music by Peter Bille Larsen, Bachianer, Chopin + Beethoven A dream piano collection of modern piano music.
November 03, 2014 Piano Solo Music
Atomic Jams
Matrizzle Matrizzle
404   1hr 10min (9 tracks)
Nuclear jams designed to charge your brain cells.
May 06, 2013 Atomic Jams
Guitar instrumentals
Fiddiccan Fiddiccan
895   14min (8 tracks)
The solos, the pecularities and the riffs that will rock your world.
July 07, 2012 Guitar instrumentals
6 Strings No Voice
darkerdude darkerdude
13   19min (8 tracks)
My personal favourites.
February 27, 2015 6 Strings No Voice
Solo Instrumental
janet.jongebloed janet.jongebloed
118   1hr 4min (20 tracks)
Solo Instrumental recordings ushered in a whole movement oriented toward impressionistic, often folk-inspired originals for piano, guitar, Celtic harp,...
February 09, 2015 Solo Instrumental
pour le piano
eleanorrr eleanorrr
3,550   38min (11 tracks)
11 pieces for (mostly) solo piano.
March 09, 2011 pour le piano
Come un sogno fu la tua vita
42melissa 42melissa
2,412   47min (12 tracks)
Twelve solo piano tracks, both classics and contemporary, including music by Bartois, David Lanz and Debussy.
April 24, 2011 Come un sogno fu la tua vita
Guitar Perfection
adamsbeats adamsbeats
352   39min (13 tracks)
Hope You Like It .
March 11, 2012 Guitar Perfection
908   42min (8 tracks)
Calm classical sounds to fill any room and set a gentle tone.
June 20, 2014 Soundtrack
janet.jongebloed janet.jongebloed
389   1hr 28min (19 tracks)
The Kora is a West African musical instrument shaped like a lute, with 21 strings passing over a high bridge, and played like a harp.
October 12, 2014 Kora
Instrumental Metal
Davownater Davownater
Many Variations of metal but strictly Instrumental (ie.
February 17, 2014 Instrumental Metal