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glitter.which glitter.which
3,709   1hr 4min (14 tracks)
a jazz/classical/french mix for your relaxing bath needs.
March 08, 2015 bath time
LittleLionWoman LittleLionWoman
4,106   21min (40 tracks)
40 songs, 2 hours of concentration for your studying needs Stasis in darkness Then the substanceless blue And now I Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas ...
April 08, 2015 Study | Ambience
rejectedgoddess rejectedgoddess
733   50min (10 tracks)
During her detainment, the liquid gold shimmering in her veins was the only reminder that sunshine was not just a figment of her imagination.
March 05, 2015 ICHOR
midosushit midosushit
47   19min (9 tracks)
what Tsukiyama plays on his free time.
April 05, 2015 .Endeuillée.
illos illos
1,527   1hr 2min (14 tracks)
for your sea travelling pleasures in the pokemon world good for studying and relaxation.
March 28, 2014 Sea Travel
Jordyn_ag Jordyn_ag
273   1hr 49min (30 tracks)
All of the instrumental music that I use to get me through the long studying hours that comes with college.
March 21, 2015 StuDYING Music
illos illos
3,961   38min (12 tracks)
a mix for all the forests in the pokemon world good to listen to if you want to relax or something c: edit: ahhh!! thank you for all the likes and yo...
March 17, 2014 Pokéforest Travel
cosmosqueennn cosmosqueennn
8,621   (60 tracks)
50 tracks of pure instrumental music to help you concentrate and ace those exams "there should be no boundaries to human endeavor.
January 01, 2015 keep going
starksansa starksansa
98,753   40min (8 tracks)
For the princess' dearest friends, fiercest protectors and closest confidants - her ladies in waiting.
January 23, 2014 Modern Fairytale IV
d-sain d-sain
4,167   5hr 22min (88 tracks)
A collection of mostly instrumental tracks to help provide the background for reading, writing, studying etc.
June 22, 2014 Soundtrack To Reading
jelena.mrkela jelena.mrkela
35,861   (11 tracks)
Lana instrumentals and slow songs.
October 26, 2014 Study With Lana
night_mere night_mere
4,459   2min (34 tracks)
A lovely instrumental playlist for all your reading and writing needs.
November 06, 2014 Free the Words