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hrvatska hrvatska
12   44min (9 tracks)
Nine more blackgaze tracks, more Deafheaven, with some guitar-looping instrumentals to accompany (particularly Malabar Front).
April 12, 2015 black.gaze.dos
yourstrulyreem yourstrulyreem
116   53min (15 tracks)
This playlist is a list of songs (soundtracks) for my novella "The heart of thorns", hope you enjoy listening while reading :).
February 22, 2015 The heart of thorns
oksngz oksngz
364   46min (8 tracks)
November 12, 2013 For hard times
Duffluc Duffluc
797   1hr 48min (20 tracks)
Twenty instrumental tracks spanning a wide range of metal and rock sub genres, including music by Rush, Metallica and Vanessa Mae.
April 18, 2011 Rock / Metal Instrumental Music Mix
TySherwood TySherwood
3,229   4hr 49min (59 tracks)
Over 50 tracks of heavy, headbanging goodness, without those lyrical empty calories.
May 06, 2012 Instru-metal
rugpeer rugpeer
825   39min (11 tracks)
A collection of Instrumental heavy metal songs vol.
January 08, 2012 Best Of Instrumental Metal
Thandall92 Thandall92
532   1hr 20min (32 tracks)
A collection of introductions, interludes and instrumental tracks from some of the best bands in the metalcore/hardcore/post-hardcore/whatever scenes t...
December 02, 2013 It Goes Without Saying: The Very Best Instrumental Metal
SubliminalGroove SubliminalGroove
906   21min (8 tracks)
instrumental groove music.
April 15, 2013 Instrumen[thall]
Davownater Davownater
325   53min (11 tracks)
Many Variations of metal but strictly Instrumental (ie.
February 17, 2014 Instrumental Metal
captainraz captainraz
348   2hr 22min (24 tracks)
My instrumental metal mixes combined.
May 20, 2012 Instrumental Metal Megamix
captainraz captainraz
251   59min (11 tracks)
Metal, but without the singing.
May 09, 2012 Instrumental Metal
captainraz captainraz
306   58min (12 tracks)
Space themed/inspired instrumental metal playlist.
March 08, 2014 To Boldly Go