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There's no Explaining
Galacticforest Galacticforest
42   (9 tracks)
What your imagination can make you see and feel.
March 09, 2015 There's no Explaining
briannana briannana
1,231   2hr 9min (16 tracks)
personally a sass mix but do you, kids.
June 16, 2014 visuals
bobbyvw bobbyvw
446   1hr 52min (16 tracks)
vibin out, jam hard.
March 08, 2013 ZING!
mmmaniac mmmaniac
833   1hr 55min (28 tracks)
A psychedelic experience that will take you across the world, across consciousnesses, across the living room, out of the universe, say wow when you pee...
April 02, 2013 .:L:.evitate.:S:.piritualize.:D:.ream
jmocegyee jmocegyee
Sixteen tracks including music by Sublime, Neil Young and Lou Reed.
December 23, 2010 CLASSIC JAMS VOL. I
Edge of the Wilderness
SubcutaneousVibration SubcutaneousVibration
805   1hr 21min (18 tracks)
Eighteen tracks including music by The Black Angels, Six Organs of Admittance, and Rumspringa.
March 08, 2011 Edge of the Wilderness
Sitting Around The Fire At A Festival
osufan77 osufan77
You know what time it is.
April 18, 2012 Sitting Around The Fire At A Festival
out of space, out of time
nuna. nuna.
459   1hr 40min (24 tracks)
greatest psychedelic jams to jelly spread your mind.
July 23, 2011 out of space, out of time
Suwannee River Jammin'
bobbyvw bobbyvw
179   1hr 17min (12 tracks)
Some of the greatest times at the greatest place ever.
August 30, 2013 Suwannee River Jammin'
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night - Essential Psychedelic
Cheesin Cheesin
164   35min (11 tracks)
Turn on, tune in, and drop out.
February 11, 2011 I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night - Essential Psychedelic
Antiquity Rhythm
psychedelicism psychedelicism
106   13min (8 tracks)
October 04, 2011 Antiquity Rhythm