Japanese pop + japanese rock

APeskyHedgehog APeskyHedgehog
2,690   (20 tracks)
*shrugs* I just really love J-pop and J-rock now.
March 25, 2015 I Kind Of Just Fell In Love With This Music
penguinkidkp penguinkidkp
97   1hr 45min (25 tracks)
Anime music I listened to in high school.
March 15, 2015 Anime music
met met
8,797   2hr 29min (39 tracks)
Some japanese music that i personally think are awesome :3 .
September 16, 2012 Random Awesomeness J Musics #1
evillya evillya
614   23min (8 tracks)
Starting off with slow tracks then going to upbeat songs.
November 09, 2012 Deep Longing.
harukaze-étoile harukaze-étoile
15   50min (14 tracks)
The many different crossroads we come across when listening to Japanese music.
August 03, 2014 Crossroads
dragoneatworld dragoneatworld
783   2hr 31min (44 tracks)
Here's some tracks to get you pumped up from my favorite anime, such as Air Gear, Naruto, Bleach etc.
September 01, 2014 Pump Up Anime mix
once.upon.a.twerpy once.upon.a.twerpy
192   1hr 17min (20 tracks)
August 16, 2012 Arifa's K/J pop fifth
julsai julsai
321   1hr 55min (25 tracks)
September 03, 2013 A Monday night
Jonh Rocha Jonh Rocha
205   38min (8 tracks)
July 11, 2012 Japanese Songs
Exolenty Exolenty
1,144   2hr 8min (28 tracks)
Every summer has a story♥.
July 01, 2013 Summer is here~
bububun bububun
282   38min (8 tracks)
Summery music mix.
June 30, 2013 Don't matter if you got gold.
chromophore chromophore
454   59min (14 tracks)
"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim" a mix to fight against patriarchy and save the world (◡‿◡✿).
March 30, 2014 FIGHT LIKE A GIRL