Jdub music

efriis efriis
3,476   1hr 13min (19 tracks)
a mix for the captain and his first officer, for the black infinite of space and the secret galaxies in their bones, for the logic of the universe that...
June 12, 2013 i built the universe in you
rraider rraider
3,385   1hr 22min (22 tracks)
Blackmill, Mt Eden, Bassnectar.
January 18, 2012 Cruise Control
Glitch / Cypher Glitch / Cypher
24,771   2hr 7min (29 tracks)
In return for such an overwhelming response for my previous mix, I felt compelled to make an addendum of similar tracks.
March 01, 2012 Hypnotic Bass Pt. ii
officialjdubmusic officialjdubmusic
142   38min (9 tracks)
This is a mix full of feels, starting with my new track First Light (Out Now!) It should take you on an emotional journey with some great electronic mu...
September 15, 2014 jdub - First Light Chill Mix
sethnoodle sethnoodle
201   54min (13 tracks)
new smelly tree, new car smell.
August 09, 2013 Fresh New Hip Hop
bagginses bagginses
143   53min (13 tracks)
restless hands cold lips heavy eyes and brittle skin .
October 01, 2013 RELAPSE
vonneguts vonneguts
1,077   33min (8 tracks)
[the language of supernovas]; a fanmix for the captain and his first officer.
July 08, 2013 [the language of supernovas]
leannedow leannedow
83   26min (9 tracks)
Songs at one point in time I related to, cleaning up shop before I start graduate school.
January 09, 2011 Sunday before the storm mix
Kefo Kefo
350   1hr 14min (18 tracks)
Listen to the dub long enough and the dub listens back - enter the labyrinth with Lobe Radiant Dub System, Augustus Pablo, and Dry & Heavy.
October 23, 2011 DubMayze
officialjdubmusic officialjdubmusic
167   (6 tracks)
Original Tracks by jdubofficial and other Chiptunes style tracks from Anamanaguchi and Lindsay Lowend.
February 20, 2014 Chiptunes and Dubstep
oreo455 oreo455
915   24min (14 tracks)
Nineteen tracks including music by Bob Marley, Bob Marley & The Wailers and Collie Buddz.
January 13, 2011 Relaxing Reggae after a really long day
poomanfoo poomanfoo
12   16min (8 tracks)
Tracks from Jimmy Squelch and JDUB made a long long time ago in a fruity loops station far far away.
December 28, 2010 Music I made (and Jimmy too!)