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Hanging Out With Mulder and Scully
RookieMag RookieMag
2,110   (15 tracks)
FBI Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder don't have a lot in common: Scully is a stoic realist, while Mulder's theories are a bit more.
March 13, 2015 Hanging Out With Mulder and Scully
ffrescade ffrescade
97   20min (10 tracks)
songs that have names of body parts in their titles.
March 15, 2015 bodies
A star, or a tomb.
angelheaded_hipsters angelheaded_hipsters
“When I look up to where the sky should be… I see you.
March 09, 2015 A star, or a tomb.
hum to me
cultrecords cultrecords
the anxiety is taking over my body….
February 24, 2015 hum to me
Instant Crush
katiebla katiebla
(mostly) sunny crush/love songs.
February 09, 2015 Instant Crush
chromzoned chromzoned
99   29min (10 tracks)
i don't know what to feel.
February 06, 2015 ???
baiobooty baiobooty
12   56min (12 tracks)
sometimes not even the music can ground him full tracklist here: http://jonesashcroft.
March 21, 2015 //up//down//up//down//
Prom Queen
totalcrush totalcrush
3,259   (10 tracks)
February 27, 2015 Prom Queen
the moon and the sun.
sugawara koushi sugawara koushi
"If you are the sun then I wanna be the moon.
January 31, 2015 the moon and the sun.
existential breakdown
cityless cityless
91   39min (10 tracks)
songs to cry to and get you through a cathartic crash from societal pressures and existential crises Photo: http://thomasprior.
February 12, 2015 existential breakdown
slower than intended
lolita1251 lolita1251
It can be the 1990s Nathaniel, if you try hard enough.
March 11, 2015 slower than intended