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bonjourgirl bonjourgirl
107   17min (8 tracks)
please n' thank you.
March 04, 2010 jag är lite punk
TonyAdolescent TonyAdolescent
253   19min (18 tracks)
Eighteen tracks of some of the most notable American Hardcore Punk bands of the early 80s.
September 01, 2008 Kids of the Black Hole: American Hardcore Punk Pt 1.
riotsqrrl riotsqrrl
197   24min (12 tracks)
Folk punk has slowly mended my broken heart and tired body.
May 05, 2009 Trying to Keep Warm
sun_ra47 sun_ra47
232   22min (11 tracks)
White heat,Shrapnel,Fast Cars.
May 18, 2009 70's obscure punk mix
TonyAdolescent TonyAdolescent
167   9min (17 tracks)
Eighteen tracks of more (mostly Reagan Era) 1980s American Hardcore Punk.
September 02, 2008 Kids of the Black Hole: American Hardcore Punk Pt 2.
TonyAdolescent TonyAdolescent
61   22min (16 tracks)
One more of these to come.
September 03, 2008 Kids of the Black Hole: American Hardcore Punk Pt 3.
illegalyouth illegalyouth
115   19min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks of post-nuclear, apocalyptic nightmare (featuring Crass, The Flesh Eaters, and The Weirdos, among others).
November 27, 2008 Disintegration Nation
bonjourgirl bonjourgirl
328   12min (8 tracks)
November 04, 2010 basement
JamesoftheJungle JamesoftheJungle
71   24min (9 tracks)
grungy music to listen to while you dye your hair.
March 28, 2010 Wallflower.
illegalyouth illegalyouth
30   13min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks of brutal, relentless sonic waves of destruction (featuring Clockcleaner, The New Flesh, and FNU Ronnies, among others).
September 03, 2008 Brutalism
sun_ra47 sun_ra47
99   12min (10 tracks)
Ten tracks including music by Anorexia, Cracked Actor and Dow Jones And The Industrials.
May 30, 2010 70's obscure punk mix 3
caitlinriggs caitlinriggs
26   10min (8 tracks)
when i was a little punk, this was my shit.
April 23, 2010 i was fourteen once.