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Playlist da Nostalgia parte I - Infância (por: Bia)
Andei Pensando Andei Pensando
4   1hr 2min (21 tracks)
Playlist da Nostalgia parte I - Infância (por: Bia) www.
February 25, 2015 Playlist da Nostalgia parte I - Infância (por: Bia)
Act Your Age
luminescentloser luminescentloser
94   (13 tracks)
Pop music made for adults, that kids seem to love regardless.
January 01, 2015 Act Your Age
For every former emo kid.
jasminevlaw jasminevlaw
1,601   (13 tracks)
Tracks to take you back to the emo days.
October 26, 2014 For every former emo kid.
A Kid Of the Neighbourhood
imagiver9 imagiver9
"You are the fugitive, But you don't know what you're runnin' from, You cant kid us, And you couldn't trick anyone, Houdini, love you don't know what y...
September 27, 2014 A Kid Of the Neighbourhood
Theatre Kid Problems
umitsme umitsme
630   1hr 25min (28 tracks)
Cue the insane vocals and memorised dance choreography.
August 22, 2014 Theatre Kid Problems
Old Face, Young Soul.
eveningthunder eveningthunder
22   (11 tracks)
Songs that are meant to make you feel young, or at least make you remember the bright time of childhood.
July 16, 2014 Old Face, Young Soul.
summer assignment
anotherpokemonmaster anotherpokemonmaster
37   (11 tracks)
i've been holed up at home being a loser.
July 05, 2014 summer assignment
piltover piltover
248   (18 tracks)
havin' his momma's hair did the kid no favors when he was growin' up, but he learned to hold his own out there.
June 18, 2014 kid
Disco Death
princesspeewee princesspeewee
28   1hr 25min (14 tracks)
June 18, 2014 Disco Death
monyfries monyfries
38   (11 tracks)
May 04, 2014 Aaron