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for the baes
PotatoesPotatin PotatoesPotatin
8   29min (10 tracks)
art work by jean-michel basquiat so in my "unsorted" folder (full of singles by various artists) i have a "whispers" folder (mostly songs with more mu...
April 14, 2015 for the baes
but I'm about to play my ace
crapso crapso
654   16min (8 tracks)
you're going crazy, the hitmen always find you art by: twitter.
March 06, 2015 but I'm about to play my ace
Miles & Kilometres
LittleMoonRabbit LittleMoonRabbit
9   39min (12 tracks)
[ a long distance love mix ] This is for Ichi and it's gay af.
April 08, 2015 Miles & Kilometres
Techno/Dub/Electro (Just Dance) Mix
4,700   1hr 58min (27 tracks)
Need I explain more Enjoy the beats! Pt 2: http://8tracks.
June 08, 2013 Techno/Dub/Electro (Just Dance) Mix
This is Dubstep.
MohammadDurrani MohammadDurrani
23,376   2hr 30min (33 tracks)
A collection of my favourite Dubstep/Chillstep tracks.
December 07, 2013 This is Dubstep.
SagetheMage SagetheMage
417   1hr 6min (17 tracks)
IDEK this is mostly just some electro/techno stuff I felt like putting together.
October 28, 2014 ∞∞∞
where is my mind?
zelduh zelduh
653   33min (8 tracks)
Nine tracks including REMIXES of Fleet Foxes, Foster The People, and Lykke Li.
May 15, 2011 where is my mind?
A Digital Night On The Town
bayjinmin bayjinmin
87   39min (10 tracks)
For all those futuristic space babes, be it aliens, robots and/or monster girls .
August 24, 2014 A Digital Night On The Town
Dem Sexy Tunez
Mutcer13 Mutcer13
14,286   54min (13 tracks)
February 07, 2014 Dem Sexy Tunez
Dubstep and stuff
Mxous Mxous
4,253   1hr 32min (22 tracks)
July 20, 2014 Dubstep and stuff