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Chicago Beat
lo-fi lo-fi
185   35min (17 tracks)
17 of the raddest bands in chicago.
March 05, 2015 Chicago Beat
Welcome to the lo-fi side
manjericao manjericao
662   53min (23 tracks)
Hey, I just wanna say that the best bands on the whole world are here so please forget about Arcade Fire.
September 05, 2014 Welcome to the lo-fi side
Christopher Lintner Christopher Lintner
612   27min (12 tracks)
Eleven tracks featuring Black Lips, Tame Impala, Ty Segall and more.
December 01, 2012 Ties
kontroverse kontroverse
484   35min (14 tracks)
March 24, 2013 Spring!
Turn It Up!!
6$HE3†$ 6$HE3†$
5,769   1hr 5min (55 tracks)
garage, surf, punk, lofi, agro psych and other shake your butt and head music to get the blood pumping.
March 01, 2013 Turn It Up!!
lo-fi lo-fi
433   24min (9 tracks)
all of the songs are FREE on bandcamp as well as the bands full album, ep.
March 20, 2013 FREE FUZZ
lo-fi lo-fi
351   35min (12 tracks)
A healthy dose of psychedelic garage sounds.
February 23, 2012 GET WYLD!!! FREAK  OUT!!!!
Garage Party
boxyG boxyG
167   14min (15 tracks)
If I were to have a garage punk party, these are the bands I would want to play.
July 19, 2012 Garage Party
All winter long
stolapi stolapi
236   25min (17 tracks)
December 18, 2012 All winter long
lo-fi lo-fi
536   31min (10 tracks)
boredom or apathy?.
November 04, 2013 bored
Tin Ear Tuesday - Leather Rent Boys
pinpointmusic pinpointmusic
1,406   27min (9 tracks)
Well wig wham and hot damn, we got the good grooving ghoulies for your lost loving quarrels today.
July 02, 2013 Tin Ear Tuesday - Leather Rent Boys
The Gospel of Ass Beach
ModernTimes ModernTimes
128   27min (24 tracks)
24 songs that depict my time in my last college apartment, Ass Beach.
August 24, 2014 The Gospel of Ass Beach