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youth lagoon youth lagoon
289   12min (13 tracks)
crisp sunlight, the sound of crickets, the waves splashing against your skin, campfires and marshmallows, late nite fishing, hammocks, good friends and...
April 14, 2015 summer vibes
martianbby martianbby
3   45min (11 tracks)
for when your in love, lonely, and out of cigarettes .
April 25, 2015 heaven knows where loving goes
lookingforvictoria lookingforvictoria
23   27min (8 tracks)
your arms are warm and your breath is heavy I miss the feeling of us tied together; dreaming of better days tracks to lie still to in the dark.
April 20, 2015 midnight missing you
pinkmilkshake pinkmilkshake
68   1hr 4min (14 tracks)
crickets chirping outside the open window and using only one bed sheet // songs that remind me of summer nights from years back day: http://8tracks.
April 01, 2015 summers past - night
pattahdocka pattahdocka
10   (9 tracks)
It's cute-sy, and kind of cheesy, but in a punk way.
April 23, 2015 said you to me
naiadique naiadique
1   45min (14 tracks)
a bit of nostalgia for things that haven't even happened yet.
April 25, 2015 .dont get choked up
Asakiyume Asakiyume
5   44min (13 tracks)
there's a hundred shades of heartache and baby, they're all blue .
April 23, 2015 heartache
Blueotterkitty Blueotterkitty
1   52min (13 tracks)
A mix for my best friend.
April 23, 2015 Where are you now?
Caralicious Caralicious
4   1hr 13min (18 tracks)
“I fell in love with you because you made the flowers inside of me grow.
April 21, 2015 My Heart Beats Only For You
MadiYasha MadiYasha
9   42min (11 tracks)
Heartbreak in Six Parts: A series of mixes about longing for and losing the 6 people who broke my heart--be it by destiny, choice, or the complete inab...
April 20, 2015 I. The Archer
ufopartie ufopartie
27   29min (8 tracks)
I write in my journal how much I want to be kissed but you won't so I'll make you a playlist of songs that will kiss me instead of you.
April 20, 2015 these songs will kiss me instead of you
PrincessGingy PrincessGingy
30   54min (14 tracks)
April 17, 2015 Just Listen