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Pain. Regret. Loss. Longing.
MeteorsGroove21 MeteorsGroove21
3,228   (208 tracks)
A mix of songs from various decades.
September 15, 2013 Pain. Regret. Loss. Longing.
bittersweet symphony
125   15min (8 tracks)
A mix where love's painful joy is felt.
June 23, 2012 bittersweet symphony
Love, Loss and Life
lord_chenz lord_chenz
146   (11 tracks)
12 songs about the ups and downs of love, the inevitable nature of loss, and the struggles of life.
May 02, 2012 Love, Loss and Life
My Guardian Angel Left Me Bleeding
simplystardust simplystardust
326   10min (30 tracks)
A writer friend of mine asked me to compile a mix of "sad songs" that I used to listen to in order to fuel sorrowful writing.
February 13, 2012 My Guardian Angel Left Me Bleeding
Lost Love
aprildaze aprildaze
59   14min (11 tracks)
One track including music by Keane.
February 23, 2012 Lost Love
The fifth stage is acceptance.
chemicalstress chemicalstress
A mix for all those ups and downs that come along when trying to get over someone, featuring songs by Real Friends, Third Eye Blind, and Rilo Kiley.
August 26, 2014 The fifth stage is acceptance.
Love Longed, Love Lost
nisha.d nisha.d
7   (17 tracks)
From start to finish.
July 25, 2014 Love Longed, Love Lost