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I Know That You Don't Even Try
winautu winautu
534   31min (8 tracks)
another attack through the heart.
October 03, 2014 I Know That You Don't Even Try
I feel you forget me.
KasselGaribay KasselGaribay
"You can love someone so much.
October 03, 2014 I feel you forget me.
Sleeping In Ghost City
fauxlion fauxlion
dedicated to some dead girls from the 40s.
September 26, 2014 Sleeping In Ghost City
has the light gone out for you?
heranamnesis heranamnesis
98   46min (14 tracks)
a sad little tracklist that's been long overdue; a slow transition from absolute heartbreak to cautious beginnings of hope.
September 16, 2014 has the light gone out for you?
L'espirit d'escalier
Lexicona96 Lexicona96
44   26min (8 tracks)
For all the things that remain unsaid, there's still an eternity to say them.
September 13, 2014 L'espirit d'escalier
Trade Mistakes
velvet_tea velvet_tea
I'll stay awake 'til I trade my mistakes or they fade away.
September 08, 2014 Trade Mistakes
miamayab miamayab
329   (14 tracks)
The sweetest, kiss.
September 07, 2014 <3
Lost Love
16thcenturyboy 16thcenturyboy
144   29min (11 tracks)
For the broken-hearted.
September 05, 2014 Lost Love
Oh, hello love.
Poppysmic26 Poppysmic26
39   49min (30 tracks)
September 03, 2014 Oh, hello love.
shelovesaladysherlock shelovesaladysherlock
pain is not a fire; it's the ashes scattered miles from where they started.
September 02, 2014 catharsis
I'm too pretty to be heartbroken.
queertective queertective
285   (10 tracks)
For crying over lost loves.
September 03, 2014 I'm too pretty to be heartbroken.