Lounge + relax

shanyi.koay shanyi.koay
9,460   (41 tracks)
Feel good songs that make you feel like foam.
September 23, 2013 Float On
beats&noodles beats&noodles
4,852   1hr 50min (37 tracks)
No intoxicating beats allowed on the premises Feat.
February 04, 2015 speakeasy
1,608   2min (14 tracks)
The series continues in this soulful lounge showcase.
April 07, 2015 Soulific III: A Lounge Affair
doum82 doum82
2,731   2hr 23min (28 tracks)
Pick your favorite wine, sit back with your cat (or your friends) and enjoy this playlist ! ;).
January 27, 2015 Chill With Class
beats&noodles beats&noodles
2,319   2hr 4min (31 tracks)
Over two hours of downtempo music feat.
February 20, 2015 The Milk Tea Playlist
yerke.vandenberg yerke.vandenberg
179   46min (8 tracks)
Hee there and welcome at edition 4 of Lamontagne Lounge.
February 11, 2015 Lamontagne study Lounge (#4)
muchodesign muchodesign
2,419   1hr 22min (29 tracks)
The backdrop for a very chill time.
December 14, 2014 Mucho: Chillout
musicalescape musicalescape
3,901   1hr 48min (22 tracks)
We all need to relax sometimes, whether to just chillout, reduce everyday stress or just to escape from the world for a little while.
August 20, 2012 Ambiental/Chillout
sweetycolorado sweetycolorado
109   49min (8 tracks)
relax/forget about everything.
January 04, 2015 relax/forget about everything
erbileren erbileren
11,548   54min (11 tracks)
Music is the one of the free luxury things in our lives.
January 08, 2013 luxury tunes
Future Hype Future Hype
2,490   1hr 4min (14 tracks)
Mixture of chill vocals, and mellow beats for your enjoyment.
December 11, 2013 Chillstep #7
Future Hype Future Hype
4,878   1hr 6min (15 tracks)
Another down tempo mix that will aid you in any situation.
December 02, 2013 Chillstep #6