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you reek of romance and good intentions
maliashale maliashale
10,001   (8 tracks)
"You’ve never been in love?" "If love is setting a place at a table for someone who’s never coming home, I think I’ll pass.
March 22, 2015 you reek of romance and good intentions
fvck me like you mean it
taarynn taarynn
3,246   44min (11 tracks)
fuck till im numb; love me till im me.
March 24, 2015 fvck me like you mean it
All The Love, H.
uhhharold uhhharold
77   44min (10 tracks)
basically, what i believe/would like to believe music h would dedicate to you or would listen to idk but here ya go :) x.
March 29, 2015 All The Love, H.
for you, my love
edenbensley edenbensley
7,319   25min (6 tracks)
i'm sorry, this one's for you.
March 23, 2015 for you, my love
a road trip with him
impactive impactive
49,420   (23 tracks)
wherever you are is the place i belong.
March 22, 2015 a road trip with him
I Love You & I Like You
cristinascrazy cristinascrazy
1,575   1hr 5min (18 tracks)
Songs about falling in love, because what better feeling is there.
March 28, 2015 I Love You & I Like You
meet me in the pouring rain
daisyzuckerman daisyzuckerman
3,356   1hr 5min (17 tracks)
a playlist for when you're feeling happy and with someone you love.
March 27, 2015 meet me in the pouring rain
Time stands still
G e n a G e n a
4,134   58min (16 tracks)
Tracks inspired by the movie The Theory of Everything.
March 24, 2015 Time stands still
Love & Sex
MissMadson2013 MissMadson2013
1,257   (10 tracks)
Ten tracks including music by Florence + the Machine, Jeremih, and Laurel.
March 28, 2015 Love & Sex
All I Ever Wanted
felicitisarrow felicitisarrow
297   1hr 15min (20 tracks)
All I Ever Wanted (was you) - An Olicity Fanmix // "Don't ask me to say that I don't love you.
March 28, 2015 All I Ever Wanted
She's got a boyfriend anyway
xesthetic xesthetic
17,139   1hr 10min (19 tracks)
If you've read the title of this playlist then 1975% of you probably know what it'll will be about.
March 17, 2015 She's got a boyfriend anyway
sunday cuddles
christiiinamarie christiiinamarie
4,313   56min (14 tracks)
March 23, 2015 sunday cuddles