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beccaem beccaem
1,237   1hr 10min (19 tracks)
songs that will make you remember how things used to be.
September 14, 2012 the mixed tape
aaulya aaulya
814   30min (8 tracks)
September 02, 2013 The Mortal Instruments
hdrizzzle hdrizzzle
1,692   1hr 0min (15 tracks)
the good ones out of the bunch.
July 27, 2012 every love story's soundtrack.
KalynNicholson KalynNicholson
28,970   1hr 8min (18 tracks)
Soft, slow country songs for the heart! Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Kip Moore & More!.
April 16, 2013 Country Cuddling
idillx idillx
16   32min (11 tracks)
i hope you will like the playlist i made for you guys to listen while you read it.
March 13, 2015 reading time
etherises etherises
316   1hr 17min (20 tracks)
a bunch of songs to wrap your heart with the amorousness that gushes from your body and pumps a feeling of extreme safety through your veins just becau...
August 06, 2013 infatuation
beauty&thebeats beauty&thebeats
1,307   2hr 20min (35 tracks)
March 10, 2013 you're my achilles heel...
krystallynne krystallynne
545   1hr 2min (17 tracks)
January 29, 2014 Falling In Love
summer.c.a summer.c.a
1,992   1hr 13min (19 tracks)
You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, conversations you engage in.
October 28, 2012 In the midst of the winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer...
wildniam wildniam
569   1hr 1min (15 tracks)
favorite love songs since forever.
February 02, 2013 love songs
earthgurl earthgurl
675   16min (10 tracks)
So here I am on this beautiful beach, with this handsome guy, and all I can think of is.
September 27, 2013 we have time
keehoon keehoon
3,272   2hr 55min (49 tracks)
It's summertime.
June 04, 2013 Summer Heattt