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I Am a God
DustandScorpions DustandScorpions
"I am greatness, I am the future, and the future starts tonight.
February 07, 2015 I Am a God
Vintage Lovers
jonmoxley jonmoxley
5,106   (27 tracks)
Some songs are from the 50s some early 60s.
September 01, 2013 Vintage Lovers
Rock n' Roll party
midnightspell midnightspell
1,129   1hr 2min (31 tracks)
Five tracks including music by FantasticVoyage, Oldies, and Train Thought.
September 05, 2012 Rock n' Roll party
it's you that i adore♡
thekittenclub thekittenclub
882   45min (15 tracks)
for the coquette/nymphet in you, a summer playlist ✧.
March 13, 2014 it's you that i adore♡
rock the sock hop
asouthernsoul asouthernsoul
761   22min (15 tracks)
a mix for my 50's pinup princess.
March 06, 2014 rock the sock hop
Old gold in the cold
queenlina queenlina
647   24min (13 tracks)
Life is just a bowl of cherries .
March 04, 2013 Old gold in the cold
Shake, Rattle, & Roll
chessied chessied
3,555   42min (56 tracks)
throwbacks from the 40s to early 60s.
June 09, 2014 Shake, Rattle, & Roll
You Can't Beat the Oldies
lezzy lezzy
1,863   (16 tracks)
Don't you ever wish you could go back to the good ole days when records only cost 99 cents and soda fountains were on every street corner?.
April 17, 2012 You Can't Beat the Oldies
Shake, Rattle and Roll
hannah.jane hannah.jane
1,075   38min (19 tracks)
Happy, feel-good music from the 1950's-1960's era! .
February 26, 2013 Shake, Rattle and Roll
dark&light dark&light
65   1hr 29min (26 tracks)
Every voice needs to reach the top of it's limit.
January 25, 2013 LouderLouderThanEver
Classic Happy Music
wendy.bilodeau wendy.bilodeau
4,744   4min (17 tracks)
Listening to this just makes me smile :).
June 20, 2012 Classic Happy Music